MAY 2018


Kids’ Campus will be closed on Monday, May 28th for Memorial Day.

The last day of school for SISD is Wednesday, May 23rd. There will be early dismissal on that day, so there will be an extra $10 charge for school children brought to Kids’ Campus. All day care will be provided for Thursday and Friday. Please remember to bring a lunch. Parents of school age children will need to refer to the adjusted payment schedule posted by the payment box to figure your tuition for the last week of school. All enrollees will need to pay through Friday, May 27th, regardless of attendance. 


Minimum Standards for Child Care Centers requires notification when center policies are updated and or changed. You will be receiving an updated Parent Handbook with the current changes. Please sign and return your notification ASAP. Please note, the new policies are effective immediately. 


I would like to extend a big Kids’ Campus welcome to Ms. Renee Pennington, Ms. Stephanie Loyacano and Ms. Dorothy Arledge. Ms. Renee is the daughter of Ms. Bertha and has many years of experience in child care. She is in training to be the closing supervisor. Ms. Stephanie Loyacano is the daughter of Ms. Gloria. She is married with 3 children. She is a teacher’s aide and will relieve Ms. Christie in the afternoons. Ms. Dorothy is the curriculum aide/substitute. She has some experience in child care and comes highly recommended. I am excited to get to know these ladies and see what they bring to the Kids’ Campus Team!!


Our summer session will start Tuesday, May 29th. Summer is more relaxed, the schedule is less structured, and themes are planned for the children to enjoy. Splash Day is on Friday – children wear their swimsuits to Kids’ Campus and play in the sprinklers during the morning recess. Summer enrollees will receive a monthly calendar of activities and themes, and more information at the beginning of the session. School age children will have their own program with field trips. Ms. Sheila will be sending a letter home for those children enrolled this summer. 


*Please remember that if your child begins the summer session, you are obligated to pay the entire session. If you change your mind after the summer session begins and UN-enroll your child you will lose your spot in the fall. Most child care centers do not offer the option of removing your child for the summer because it is difficult to fill those vacancies. If you have any questions, please call.


May Scholastic book orders will be in your child’s mailbox soon. This will be the last chance to order books for your child this school year. Make sure they have plenty to read this summer! If you would like to order this month, please return the order form with payment by Monday, May 14th (Checks made out to Scholastic only please, no cash). You can always order online at using class code M9CMD.


  • Please remember our dress code policy on sandals/shoes. Children may wear sandals as long as they have the strap around the back to help keep them on their feet. Flip-flops are not allowed! Children must wear closed toed shoes to play in the sand area.
  • Please check the coat racks in your child’s mailbox area and check the lost and found box under the entry table. There are several jackets which need to be taken home. All unmarked clothing left after May 31st will be donated.
  • Remember, ALL tuition accounts must be paid in full for your child to begin the summer session.


 It is always difficult for us to say good-bye to children leaving Kids’ Campus. If this is your last month here we will miss you! We hope you have a great summer. Please come back to visit! For all of those leaving for the summer only, you have a great summer too! We look forward to hearing all about it in August! 


Kids’ Campus would like to wish Happy Birthday to:

Ms. Renee               May 6            ??????????

Trevor Lackey       May 20         7 years old!

Holt Blessing         May 21        11 years old!

Kason Ivey              May 23         8 years old!

Ms. Bertha              May 24         ??????????

Emma Zemko        May 28        10 years old!

Kinley Scott           May 29         5 years old 

Happy Kids’ Campus Anniversary to Ms. Rosy, 19 years at Kids’ Campus on May 17th!! 


Happy Mother’s Day, Sunday May 13th!

Fire Drill:  Thursday, April 26th

Storm Drill:  Monday, April 30th

Intruder (Bad guy Drill:  Tuesday, April 10th

Shelter Drill:  Monday, March 26th


Shawn Wagne