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June 2019

                                      HAPPY ANNIVERSARY KIDS’ CAMPUS, OPEN 26 YEARS JUNE 1ST!

                                  HAPPY 6 YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO MS. SHAWN AS OWNER/DIRECTOR!


Ms. Sheila has resigned as the school age supervisor and I am very sad to see her go!  I wish her well and know the kids will love seeing her at the elementary when school starts again!  I would like to extend a big Kids’ Campus welcome to Ms. Brenna Bailey!  Ms. Brenna is a former student at KCCC and graduate of Sweeny High class of 2017!  She has been hired as my college help and holiday aide when she is in town!  She is a laugh a minute and the kids already love her!  So, to explain the title of this section, with all the new employees still in training and trying to figure out what is best for the children, I am “playing upset the apple cart” with my teachers.  Please bear with us and hopefully soon everybody will be back in their “normal” places very soon.  Ms. Kaysie will be with the schoolers to start and Ms. Tiffany will be with the 3’s.  That is the biggest change that you will notice.  Again, please be patient. We will greatly appreciate it! 


Welcome to Kids’ Campus summer session beginning June 3rd!  We look forward to a fun, relaxed summer with plenty of activities and celebrations to keep the kids busy and happy.  Some of you are familiar with our summer program, but for those who are new (or need a review), here is some information you will want to know:

  • We have themes all summer which add to the fun. Older preschoolers will receive a monthly calendar with the themes and activities (school age children will have their own calendars and will need to sign permission slips for the activities.) 
  • Every Friday will be “Splash Day” (weather permitting) starting June 14th (My apologies, the calendar may have said the 7th. That is a mistake) for the preschool children (2s through Pre-K). Sprinklers will be set up for the children to play in during their morning outdoor play time. Children in these classes should wear their swimsuits to Kids’ Campus on Fridays and bring a change of clothes and a towel. Please don’t forget to label everything with your child’s name!! Getting everyone changed and all personal items back to the correct box is much easier when tags on bathing suits, clothing, towels, etc. are labeled.
  • If you would like sunscreen on your child, please apply it in the morning before arriving, and we will put it on again after quiet time if you provide it for us. Label it and put it in your child’s box and we will know to apply it in the afternoon.
  • For safety purposes, all flip-flops and sandals NEED to have a back strap. Sandals and Crocs are not allowed in the sand area. It is best to send your child in closed toed shoes to have access to the sand box. The pea gravel hurts little feet and some kids don’t like to keep sandals on. Flip-flops are not allowed for children at any time at Kids’ Campus including the school age building.


If you have not done so, please make sure your tuition account is paid in full. 

It is a Minimum Standards requirement that your child/children MUST be signed out daily. We will sign them in, please remember to sign them out when you pick them up. Thank you.

Please remember that tuition is still due even when you are on vacation. Our policy is: as long as Kids’ Campus is open, tuition is due.

Once you start the summer session with us, you are obligated to pay for the whole session. The staff, utilities, and bills still have to be paid, even if your child is not present. Make sure you pay before you leave to avoid a late fee.

We do not have Show and Tell during the summer, so please leave all toys at home. We have plenty of fun activities and projects planned this summer, and the teachers select toys and materials which are appropriate and safe. Children understand that Kids’ Campus toys are for sharing. Toys brought from home can sometimes cause problems and be unsafe. There are exceptions to this in the school age building, and Ms. Kaysie and Ms. Heaven will let the children know what is allowed.

May Fire Drill: Wednesday, May 29th   

Storm Drill: Thursday, May 30th  


Kids’ Campus would like to wish Happy Birthday to: 

Violet Nevarez            June 2         4 years old!

Nevaeh Smith             June 3        5 years old!

Corrine Cochran        June 4         4 years old!

Elijah Cochran            June 4        4 years old!

Landry Zamora          June 4        5 years old!

Lee Donald                 June 5        5 years old!

Marci Shear                June 6        2 years old!

Carol Davis                 June 25      1 year old!!

Balen Baca                 June 26       5 years old!

Happy Father’s Day, June 16th!


Shawn Wagner