Each year we decorate our Christmas tree in the entry with an ornament from each child that has attended Kids’ Campus or is currently attending. If your child is new to Kids’ Campus this Christmas, please bring in an ornament to represent him/her. Put your child’s name on it, with the year, and we will keep it to decorate our tree from year to year. The ornament can be home-made, or store bought. Thanks for taking the time to help us with our tradition. If you have provided one in the past, another ornament is NOT needed. I hope you can take some time to view all the different ornaments we have received from the children through the years. I believe the oldest one we have is from 1996 (even if they have broken over the years, I still have them in the box!) The teachers truly enjoy looking at the ornaments and remembering all the children that have come and gone.  We may even have one or two of you parent’s ornaments from “way back when”. 


Kids’ Campus will be closed on December 24th & 25th, 2018 and January 1, 2019.  

If Sweeny ISD dismisses early for Christmas holidays on Friday, December 14th, please add $10 to your tuition if your child is picked up by Kids’ Campus.  All-day school age care will be offered during days that Kids’ Campus is open thru January 2, 2019. SISD resumes classes Thursday, January 3rd. School age children, kindergarten and up, will need to bring a sack lunch each day they attend. The cost is $25 per day for those that attend. Tuition is due regardless of attendance during the Christmas break. Please remember to pay ahead to avoid late fees.


Effective January 1, 2019, tuition will increase. This increase is necessary for the staff that works very hard in an industry that demands their time, energy and dedication. This increase will allow me to cover an increase in their salary as a thank you for a job well done. 

Infant Class - $155/week

Toddler 1 & 2 Classes - $145

2-Year-Old Class - $135/week (M-T-W $81 & T-Th $54)

3-Year-Old & Pre-K Classes - $130 (M-W-F $78 & T-Th $52)

School Age Class - $60/week (after care)

 $ 70/week (before/after care)

 $ 130/week (summer) 


We will have our Christmas parties for children in the main building on Friday, December 14th at 2:30. Sign-up sheets for bringing treats will be posted. This year, we are requesting toys for the children to exchange. Please bring NON-GENDER SPECIFIC TOY wrapped and signed “From (your child’s name)”. Please have it here before party day. We will not open gifts until the party, but the exchange part will be done ahead of time.  The limit is $8.

We usually have at least one or two children that do not understand that the gift is for another child, and they expect to take “THEIR” gift home. They can get very upset! Two things might help…make sure your child knows that the gift will go to a classmate and they will get another gift, OR, bring the gift wrapped and unseen so your child does not feel “ownership” of it. If you have any questions about the parties or the gift exchange, please call.


But first, let me take a sELFie! In the entry of the main building is a photo booth with props. Please take a moment and enjoy the fun with your children. I would love to see the pictures posted on our Facebook page or you can email or text them to me and I will post them on our website! Merry Christmas from the staff at Kids’ Campus to you!


If you would like to order from the Scholastic book order this month, please leave the order form and payment in the pink basket by Monday, December 10th. You can always order on line at using the activation code M9CMD!! 


  • Please write your child’s name(s) on the bottom of your tuition checks, especially if your last name is different than your child’s. It will help us credit the right account.
  • We will all be busier than ever this month. At Kids’ Campus, we tend to see an increase in late pick-up of children, and late tuition payments in December. The greatest gift to us this season is to be on time and to pay on time.
  • Please check your child’s extra clothes basket and make sure we have clothes appropriate for the colder weather. If you have not brought any extra clothes since the beginning of the year, your child probably has only summer clothing to change into or has outgrown them. We may need extra clothes for changing due to a spill, getting wet outside, etc., so even if your child does not have “bathroom” accidents, we need to have those on hand for a quick change when necessary.
  • We are running out of Kids’ Campus back-up clothes. Please check your laundry. If they belong to Kids’ Campus, they will be marked as such. Please return them as soon as possible. Thank you.
  • Visit our website,, for your Christmas gift!


November Fire Drill: Thursday, November 29th 

November Storm Drill: Friday, November 30th


Kids’ Campus would like to wish Happy Birthday to:

Jayce Bridwell              December 1       9 years old!

Reagan Garcia          December 7 1 year old!!!

Carson Henderson December 5 8 years old!

Kimberly Loyacano December 18 1 year old!!!

Grayson Henderson December 21 2 years old!

Liam Thompson  December 21 8 years old!

Mya Velarde December 23 8 years old!

Kora Carter December 25 5 years old!

Michael Carter December 28 3 years old!

Brandon Blanco  December 29 7 years old!

Carter George December 30 3 years old!

Shane Fournier December 31 4 years old!

Chase Morgan December 31 5 years old!

Happy Kids’ Campus Anniversary to Ms. Christie! 5 years on December 5th!

Thank you so much to all our families for sharing their children with us this year! We appreciate you, and we love your children. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!


Shawn Wagner