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August 2019


Looking ahead, Kids’ Campus will be closed Monday, September 2nd for Labor Day. 


School supply lists are available at and on the table in the entry of both buildings. If your child will be attending for the school year, you will want to have their supplies for them the first day. They will begin using them immediately, and it is very important to your child to have his/her own things. School age children have a short list to replenish consumable supplies used in their room and should also provide those before school starts, August 15th. 


Remember that all tuition must be paid in full by the end of the summer session, August 9th. Tuition must be up to date to begin the fall session on August 12th. If your child will not attend after school starts, please drop a note in the pink basket notifying us when their last day will be and we will credit your account accordingly.


The Kindergarten room’s capacity at the main building is 10 children. As of now, there is more than 10 Kinders enrolled, so the youngest of the class will be at the main building and the remainder at the Schooler building. I will let you know asap before school starts where you can pick up your child, please realize, it could be at the last minute, depending on changes.

There will be 2 bus runs in the morning. The school bell will ring at 8:00 this year and breakfast will begin being served at 7:15. The first bus will leave about 7:30 and the second will be about 7:40 and can be “tweaked” once we know how drop off will go. If your child is registered for before-school care and is not at Kids’ Campus by 7:30 please arrange other transportation. YOU MUST BE REGISTERED FOR BEFORE-SCHOOL CARE FOR YOUR CHILD TO ATTEND IN THE MORNING, AND BE TRANSPORTED TO SCHOOL. If, at any time during the year, you need to change the status of your child, and we have availability, please let the office know so your tuition can be changed accordingly. 



I have an AWESOME team!! I couldn’t do this job without them. They teamwork, fill in, suggest awesome ideas and make every day here fun. Thank you from the bottom of my heart team!!!!  #YOUROCK!! I also would like to thank our parents for your patience and understanding with my teachers being in different classes and schedules being disrupted. It has been a difficult summer for several reasons, and I appreciate you for hanging in there with us!! 



July  Fire Drill: Monday, July 22nd  

Storm Drill: Friday, July 26th 


Kids’ Campus would like to wish Happy Birthday to:

Brooke Jackson                August 9             7 years old!

Ms. Margarita                   August 11           ??????????

Hayes Lynch                     August 15           6 years old!

Caiden Zamora                August 16           10 years old!

Riley Schneider                August 22           3 years old!

Happy Kids’ Campus anniversary to Ms. Shawn, 23 years on August 5th.

Happy Kids’ Campus anniversary to Ms. Kaysie, 4 years on August 3rd! 


Shawn Wagner