Welcome to a new school year at Kids’ Campus! Big changes come for most of us when school begins. Some children move to a new class, and that is both exciting and challenging. For newcomers, it means getting to know friends, staff, and schedules. We give ourselves the first two weeks to “get to know you” and get used to new routines, and then start in on our regular curriculum, schedules and programs this month. 


Kids’ Campus will be closed on Monday, September 3rd, for Labor Day. 


Texas Minimum Standards requires regular updates of information for each child to be on file at the center. Look for them in your child’s mailbox the first week of September. It is important that we keep up-to-date information for contacting parents and addresses, but ALSO allergy and health information for each child. Please complete and sign/date all sections, and return the information by September 14th. One form per child needs to be filled out, for individual health information. Remember that there are “Change of Information” forms available in the entry for you to update information at any time during the year. Please also bring updated immunization records as your child receives them.


Unfortunately, Ms. Kaitlin is no longer with us. I am currently going through the hiring process for a replacement. I would like to welcome Ms. Kayon Lewis to the team. She is the school-age teacher’s aide and substitute!


Last semester, we started music enrichment time with Mr. Tom Wilbeck. Mr. Tom will be a part of our weekly curriculum and will be here on Tuesdays beginning September 4th! The kids love the songs and silliness he brings. The best part…….. he teaches!! I respectfully ask for a $5 donation per family to offset the cost of this amazing experience. You can find out more about Mr. Tom and Tom’s Fun Band by visiting


  1. Please have your children here before 9 a.m. Snack is served at 9 and curriculum and fun begin. Arriving early will assure that your child will have plenty of time for snack and have a successful rest time.
  2. If your child has an accident or gets very dirty outside, we will change their clothes. If your child has no clothes provided, we will use Kids’ Campus clothes. I ask that you please return Kids’ Campus      clothes the following day. In the last couple of years, our extra clothes supply has decreased, especially underwear! So, please return them.
  3. When you receive a minor mishap, please sign and return it to the pink basket. If your child has a minor mishap paper, it will be on the sign-out clipboard. We must have this in their file. 
  4. If your child needs medication, you will need to fill out a form EACH day medication is needed, the teacher will administer the medication and return the authorization to the office. 
  5. Texas Minimum  Standards requires Kids’ Campus to have a record of the arrival and departure of each child. Please sign them out every single day and please use your signature. Mom, dad, grandma, etc. is not sufficient.
  6. Tuition is due on Monday. A $15 late fee is added if tuition is payed after 9:00 A.M. Wednesday.
  7. At 6:01 a late fee of $15 perchild is added to your tuition. Each additional 10 minutes will be another $15 charge per child.
  8. Breakfast is served to 7:25 ONLY in the main building. Breakfast needs to be brought already made or ready to eat. We do not have a microwave available in the classrooms. Children (2’s class and up) arriving after 7:30 will need to have breakfast before coming in to the building. Morning snack is served at 9:00.
  9. We love to keep our Lost and Found boxes empty, so please label everything!
  10. Verbal messages are very difficult for us to remember since there are so many each day, please WRITE IT DOWN!


Kids In Focus Photography is scheduled for Tuesday, September 18th. Please send your children dressed for pictures. We will be glad to change them into play clothes as soon as they are finished posing. The photographer will arrive early and be ready to start with the Infant class by 7:00! Monday-Wednesday-Friday children can arrive about 9:30 and will be fit in as soon as possible. Look for more information in the next couple of weeks for pricing.


School supply lists are available on the table in the entry of both buildings, and are also available on our website: If you have not picked one up, please do so and provide your child’s supplies as soon as possible. They have already begun using them, and it is very important to your child to have his/her own things. School age children have a short list to replenish consumable supplies used in their room and should also provide those as soon as possible. 


Show & Tell for the 3’s and Pre-K classes is on Wednesdays. We do not allow toys to be brought from home at any other time. The “theme” for each week’s Show and Tell will be listed on your monthly curriculum calendar.


The morning bus runs are a little different this year, especially with on one drop-off area. We will be making 2 trips when/if needed. The first bus leaves at 7:25 and if needed the second will leave about 7:35. Please have your child here early enough, or provide alternate transportation.

IMPORTANT: School age parents- If your child is absent or picked up early from school, and will not come to Kids’ Campus, you need to make sure and let us know in writing or call us by 3:00. Please do not rely on VERBAL MESSAGES! The school-age building has an answering machine for your convenience, 979-548-3460, or you can call the office. If texting is easier, please text 979-864-6588. I will be expecting your child, and will wait at the school with all the other children until I know your child is safe. This is a Minimum Standards rule. If we do not hear from you and have to call to find out where your child is, THERE WILL BE A $5.00 CHARGE PER PHONE CALL OR TEXT! Don’t forget, if they are absent, picked up early and will not need transportation, please let us know.


You will find September’s Scholastic book order in your child’s mailbox by the end of the week. If you would like to order books for your child, fill out the order form on the back, and drop it with payment in the pink basket (make checks payable to “Scholastic” no cash) by Monday, September 17th. Your order will be in your child’s box in a week or two. Kids’ Campus receives bonus points for every book ordered, we can use these points to order books and classroom supplies. You can even order on-line at Just use activation code M9CMD!! Viola’!!


  • Fire:  Wednesday, August 29th
  • Storm:  Tuesday, August 28th


Kids' Campus would like to wish Happy Birthday to:

Emma Montanez           September 10          2 years old!

Stratton Stowers           September 17          2 years old!

Kevin Oviedo                 September 19          4 years old!

Ms. Teresa                     September 20          ??????????

Trenton Taylor              September 22          8 years old!

Michael Baumann        September 26          3 years old!

Raelynn Kluttz              September 27          7 years old!

Happy Kids' Campus Anniversary to Ms. Teresa!  She survived 1 year on September 25th!!

Happy Grandparent's Day, Sunday, September 9th!


Shawn Wagner