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April 2020




With this pandemic, we are all in limbo and searching for a new normal. We have had many phone calls, emails and texts concerning screenings, tuition, cleaning procedures and closures. At this time, my plan is to remain open until such a time that it is no longer safe or feasible to do so. I am doing all that I can to gather information daily to make reasonable and best-case decisions for the families we care for, my staff and this center. I do not take lightly this situation and will inform you as quickly as possible of any changes.

Just as everyone else, we have stepped up our cleaning and disinfecting. Because families are staying home, I have staff who have the time to go from class to class bleaching toys, mats, doorknobs, toilets, sinks, tables, chairs and anything else little hands happen to touch. Each teacher has been instructed to wash hands more often and monitor more closely to make sure proper hand-washing technique is being used. We are screening each child and adult that is allowed to come inside the building daily. 

We are trying to keep the classes separated as much as possible with the exception of drop-off and pick-up times. Social distancing means nothing to children, however teachers are setting up activities with “spatial awareness” in mind.

With all this said, we are trying just as you are to keep your children safe and healthy. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please call and speak with Ms. Rosy or me. We will be glad to help in whatever capacity we can!


Thank you all for your cooperation in the mandated drop-off and pick-up routine! You made the transition so very easy and your acceptance and understanding is phenomenal! Hopefully soon this will be over, and we can return to daily routines!


Thanks to Stephanie Holley and Dr. Hill, the schooler building will have Wi-Fi hotspot! Thank you, Stephanie Crowder, for letting me know about this awesome opportunity! Once it all gets set up, an hour in the morning and afternoon will be set aside for your schooler to do schoolwork here at KCCC. Ms. Kimmy and Ms. Angie will be there to guide your child; however, your child will need to know the basics of what to do and how to do it. In other words, they will have to teach us “old folk” how to work the iPad!! Look for more information when the hotspot gets here and installed!


Scholastic book orders are in your mailboxes. If you would like to order, please turn in your order form and payment by Monday, April 13th.


All classes will have on Easter egg hunt on Thursday, April 9th, beginning at 2:30. We will start with the Infant and Toddler classes first and work our way to the Pre-K. Monday-Wednesday-Friday children are welcome to join us. With the Coronavirus and screening process in effect we cannot invite parents to join us this year ☹! You will need to supply 1 dozen plastic eggs filled with wrapped candy or treasures (no coins please, they are a choking hazard). The eggs will need to be brought in no later than Wednesday so we can make sure all children have eggs and we can prepare them for hiding. Reminders will be posted on the sign-out sheets the week of the hunt.


· PLEASE do not let children climb on or unlock the gate! We teach them to wait at the yellow line for safety, and only an adult opens the gate. If you allow them to open it, it makes it harder for us to keep them safe! And climbing on the gate causes damage and costs money.  We appreciate you enforcing this important rule we have.

· Also, please keep your children with you. We cannot have children, enrolled or not, by themselves on the playground and running in the hallways.

· With the weather getting warmer, the classes will be staying outside longer and will be allowed to play in the water trough. You can expect dirtier faces and some wet clothes; however, the teachers will do their best to get them “presentable” to be picked up.

· If your child has worn home clothes from Kids’ Campus, please return them. It is also a good time to check your child’s extra clothes. They may be too warm to wear now or have outgrown them. 


Fire Drill: Monday, March 30th, exit time 1 minute 20 seconds

Storm Drill: Tuesday, March 31st, shelter time 1 minute

Shelter in Place: Tuesday, March 31st, shelter time 2 minutes

Lock Down/Intruder: Monday, March 30th, hiding time 1 minute 30 seconds 


Kids’ Campus would like to wish Happy Birthday to:

Cecilia Morgan         April 5      9 years old!

Jaxon Garcia             April 7      6 years old!

Jett Hall                     April 13     5 years old!

Clinton Thomas       April 14     4 years old!

Demarquis Thomas April 14    4 years old!

Corbin Calverly        April 17    3 years old!

Emilia Gregory         April 18    6 years old!

Hunter Flash             April 24    7 years old!

Brayci Martin           April 25     4 years old! 

Azlynn Bridwell       April 28     3 years old!

Peyton Davis             April 28     6 years old!

Kaylee Hutchings     April 29     7 years old!

Happy Kids’ Campus anniversary to Ms. Stephanie L, 2 years on April 17th and Ms. Tiffany, 1 year on April 29th!!


Shawn Wagner